1. Has the Rakem Group engaged with suppliers about their Brexit readiness?

Yes, the Group has held discussions with suppliers to try and ensure existing business is not disrupted. Positively, a significant amount of our supplies are UK-sourced.

2. Is the Rakem Group prepared for the additional border documentation that will be required for trading with partners in the EU?

Yes, the Group has many years of experience of importing and exporting and its procedures and systems are ready to produce the necessary documentation and product information disclosures for trading with the EU after a hard Brexit.

3. What plans has the Rakem Group to deal with border delays?

The Group works closely with a portfolio of logistics companies to spread the risk of disruption by importing through a number of UK ports, and will seek to minimise cross border movements around year end.

4. Has the Rakem Group in-house or external customs agents?

The Group has appointed a number of logistics partners to act as Customs agents and has registered these parties to clear inbound goods using the Group’s duty deferment facility.

5. Does the Rakem Group have a UK EORI?

Yes, all our Group companies have a UK EORI number as part of their normal trading arrangements. The Group’s ERP system has been revised to disclose the EORI number on all necessary commercial and transport documents. The Group is also ready to secure an EU EORI in the event of a hard Brexit to facilitate its existing business within the EU.

6. Is the Rakem Group prepared for the UK’s version of REACH and any other regulatory changes consequent upon a hard Brexit?

The Group has in-house regulatory expertise that is prepared for and will actively manage the new compliance regimes to ensure continuity of business.