Contract Packing

Technical Knowledge

Industry Expertise


Research and Development

Supported by our in-house research and development team, we improve and formulate products using market leading chemicals from our sister company Rakem. We test and develop products from our newly launched, multi-million-pound laboratories, boasting state of the art equipment.

We distinguish ourselves by not only manufacturing under license but providing custom formulations that enhance the customer’s own portfolio of products.

As part of the Rakem Group, we have access to leading development chemists with a combined experience of over 100 years in the DIY, coatings and construction markets.

With our extensive knowledge, we can provide you with an innovative, quality product that will reduce competition in the market whilst also reducing your manufacturing costs.

Whether you need advice on a current product or need a new product developing, don’t hesitate to contact the Maker team.

Market Research

Working alongside our research and development team is our marketing power house. Our team travels around the world studying various markets to provide new product ideas, market analysis and packaging design updates.

Our team can take your idea from a sketch on paper to a brand in nationwide stores, ensuring your brand’s unique identity remains throughout the process.

We are proud members of some of the UK’s leading industry bodies. Being a member of these groups allows us to keep up to date with any changes of legislation and ensures we are always ahead of the curve when it comes to market trends.

Why Choose Maker?

Our dedicated team of experts can help diversify your brand, add quality and increase revenue.

With an impressive portfolio of UK and European market leaders, our aim is to help grow well-established brands and increase their market share. We also bring innovative products to the market that will benefit your industry.