Paper Coatings

Maker is one of the biggest suppliers of coatings to the paper industry. As part of the Rakem Group we have access to high quality raw materials including titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate and Kaolin. Supplying the paper industry for over 25 years, Rakem has expert knowledge of what pigments are required to achieve the high-quality coatings for paper. Maker uses this expert knowledge and blends these chemicals to manufacture coatings that cannot be rivalled.

We provide ready to use formulas for on machine coatings, applied at the size press. These coatings have been designed to dry rapidly and will improve printability, enhancing the value of the finished paper.

With the ability to supply a ready to use coating or formulate as an intermediate, our expert team can advise and assist with any paper application.

As members of the Paper Industry Technical Association, we keep up to date with any changes in regulation and constantly track industry trends to pass onto our customers. Our Managing Director Kieran was previously chairman of the Paper Industry Technical Association and has over 25 years experience in the industry.

250ml up to 25L bottles

25-200L Kegs

1,000L IBCs

28,000Kg Road Tankers

Bespoke Ready to use Coating Formulations


  • Highly experienced in the paper industry
  • Experienced team working from state-of-the-art laboratories
  • Customised formulations
  • Pack sizes from 200L kegs to 28,000kg road tankers.
  • Filling of IBCs
  • Packed to customer’s specification
  • Dedicated logistics team
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified